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We Will Dub You!

Dub Division Community

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Dub Division
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Нажав на эту кнопку вы можете пожертвовать на развитие проекта Dub Division:

Project "Dub Division" started in Spring 2006 by several members of one of the Russian's oldest and most prominent reggae band. The main idea is to play live dub and reggae music, making use of such contemporary methods as "samples", "sequences" and multiple electronic sound effects. “Dub Division” brings modern interpretation and finds unusual means of interpreting music, both in studio and onstage, which distinguishes this group from other similar projects. The project is open to everyone, so that most unexpected musicians (and other artists) of different styles can be part of “Dub Division” concerts. Although the project is relatively young, “Dub Division” has already participated in several music festivals in Russia and abroad. You can listen to and download several tracks in mp3 format at: http://dubdivision.ru/music.htm The debut album by “Dub Division” has been released on the "Misteriya Zvuka" label. Official release date is January 18, 2007.


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